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This Airline Just Ordered 200 of Boeing’s Troubled 737 Max Jets — Even Though They’re Still Grounded

Boeing announced its first deal for 737 Max jets since a March grounding that followed two deadly crashes, landing a $24 billion agreement with British Airways owner IAG SA.

The airline group signed a letter of intent for 200 of the single-aisle planes, Boeing said in a statement Tuesday. IAG, led by a former 737 pilot, would take delivery of the planes between 2023 and 2027 assuming the deal is formalized.

The deal hands Boeing a much-needed lifeline as it struggles to get the Max back in the air amid a grounding that recently entered its fourth month. The crashes in October and March were caused when a software system received erroneous readings from a sensor, repeatedly forcing the nose of the planes down until pilots lost control.

“I wouldn’t ask anybody to do something I wouldn’t do myself,” IAG Chief Executive Officer Willie Walsh, who flew 737 jets for about 18 years, told reporters at the Paris Air Show. “If you ask me, I would get on board a Max tomorrow.”

Boeing climbed 3..

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Canada Reapproves Contentious Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

(TORONTO) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again approved the contentious Trans Mountain pipeline expansion that would nearly triple the flow of oil from the Alberta oil sands to the Pacific Coast.

The approval Tuesday comes 10 months after the Federal Court of Appeal halted the project and ordered Canada’s National Energy Board to redo its review of the pipeline, saying the original study was flawed and lacked adequate consultations with First Nations peoples.

Trudeau’s government first approved it in 2016, and he was so determined to see it built the government bought the pipeline.

The pipeline expansion would triple the capacity of an existing line to ship oil extracted from the oil sands in Alberta across the snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies. It would end at a terminal outside Vancouver, resulting in a seven-fold increase in the number of tankers in the shared waters between Canada and Washington state.

It is projected to lead to a tanker traffic ballo..

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Boeing’s 737 Max Could Take to the Skies Again — But With a Different Name

Boeing is open to dropping the “Max” branding for its latest 737 jetliner, based on a global study it is conducting of consumer and airline responses to an aircraft name that’s been tarnished by two fatal crashes and a three-month grounding.

“I’d say we’re being open-minded to all the input we get,” Chief Financial Officer Greg Smith said Monday in an interview on the sidelines of the Paris Air Show. “We’re committed to doing what we need to do to restore it. If that means changing the brand to restore it, then we’ll address that. If it doesn’t, we’ll address whatever is a high priority.”

For now, executives insist they have no immediate plans to drop the Max name for something less controversial, such as the product numbers that marked earlier generations of the company’s best-selling aircraft.

The damage to the company’s own name, as well as its jetliner brands, is just one aspect of the crisis that Boeing teams are managing from a Seattle-area war room. Smith tunes in to daily ph..

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Mastercard Will Allow Transgender and Non-Binary Customers to Use Their Chosen Name on Cards

(Bloomberg) — Mastercard Inc. will allow transgender customers to use their chosen names on credit and debit cards.

The company is working with its banking partners to introduce True Name cards that will let customers use the name they want without requiring a legal name change, a process that should help transgender and non-binary cardholders in particular, the company said Monday in a statement. The network has already started talking to banks to help them implement the cards, said Raj Seshadri, president of U.S. issuers at Mastercard.

“What we’re introducing is a card that represents an individual as who they truly are,” Seshadri said in an interview. “This is something that should be accessible to everyone in the way they want it and there shouldn’t be any pain in that.”

Nearly a third of individuals who have shown forms of identification with names or genders that don’t match their presentation have reported having negative experiences, including harassment, Mastercard said. Th..

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Big Money Is Pouring Into Podcasting. Some Podcasters Love It — But Others Are Freaked Out

If there’s one thing Kid Fury wants you to know, it’s this: anyone can start a podcast. After all, he barely knew what they were when he got started, and now his show has millions of fans. “I kind of knew what podcasts were from spending enough time on the internet for years,” says Fury, who co-hosts the pop culture phenomenon The Read with writer Crissle West. “I actually don’t listen to podcasts very often.” A YouTube personality-turned-TV producer, Fury’s path from blogging in Miami to podcasting to making shows for HBO and Fuse in New York is the stuff of motivational speeches. That The Read is now the inspiration for one of Kid Fury’s shows is evidence of a larger trend: Big Podcast is here, and it’s changing the industry forever.

Podcasting, once a low-budget affair done mostly by hobbyists for whom financial gain was rarely the goal, is now attracting big money. Gimlet, the podcast studio behind popular shows like Reply All, Mystery Show, and Homecoming, was acquired by Spotify..

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Boeing CEO Concedes ‘Mistake’ Made With 737 Max Jets

(PARIS) — The chief executive of Boeing said the company made a “mistake” in handling a problematic cockpit warning system in its 737 Max jets before two crashes killed 346 people and he promised transparency as the aircraft maker works to get the grounded plane back in flight.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg told reporters in Paris before the industry-wide air show that Boeing’s communication with regulators, customers and the public “was not consistent. And that’s unacceptable.”

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has faulted Boeing for not telling regulators for more than year that a safety indicator in the cockpit of the top-selling plane didn’t work as intended.

Pilots also have expressed anger that Boeing did not inform them about the new software that’s been implicated in the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

“We clearly had a mistake in the implementation of the alert,” Muilenburg said.

He expressed confidence that the Boeing 737 Max would be cleared to fly again later ..

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Torrential Rain Leaves U.S. Midwest Vegetable Farmers Struggling With No Aid in Sight

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Like farmers throughout the Midwest, this spring’s torrential rains turned Andrew Dunham’s land into sticky muck that set him back nearly a month in planting his crops.

Unlike other farmers, though, Dunham won’t get a piece of a $16 billion aid package to offset his losses and he can’t fall back on federally subsidized crop insurance because he grows herbs, flowers and dozens of vegetable varieties, but not the region’s dominant crops of corn and soybeans.

“There are no federal bailouts for vegetable farmers,” said Dunham, who owns an 80-acre (32-hectare) organic farm with his wife near Grinnell, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of Des Moines, and is enduring weeks without sales as his crops ripen. “We’ll just miss out on three weeks of income.”

Although the lack of federal safety net programs for farmers who grow everything from arugula to zucchini isn’t new, one of the wettest springs in U.S. history has focused attention on the special status of so-call..

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Record Floods and Trump’s Trade War Are Threatening to Make This Year a ‘Train Wreck’ for Corn Farmers

A smartphone could fit in the space between James McCune’s index finger and thumb as the Illinois farmer describes the height of crops stunted by incessant rain and unseasonably cool weather.

“Corn’s not supposed to be this tall” in mid-June, McCune, who can trace his family’s farm roots as far back as 1857, said. “It’s supposed to be this tall,” as he gestures just below his waist.

Conditions and morale are so low in McCune’s area of northwestern Illinois, typically the second-biggest corn-producing state, that he organized a get-together Thursday evening at The Happy Spot, a restaurant and bar in Deer Grove, Whiteside County. About 125 farmers and others tied to the industry turned out for chicken and beer at the event, dubbed “prevent plant party,” in reference to acreage left unplanted this season.

“It’s going to be a train wreck,” McCune said.

The headwinds growers are facing are multiple. Record rain has flooded Midwest streets and snarled Mississippi River traffic, crucial t..

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Troubled Boeing 737 MAX Will Be Cleared to Fly Again by December, FAA Says

Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft, grounded since March after two fatal crashes in five months, should be back in the air by December, a top U.S. regulator said.

It’s not possible to give an exact date as work progresses on safety fixes to the aircraft, Ali Bahrami, the Federal Aviation Administration’s associate administrator for aviation safety, said in an interview Wednesday at a conference in Cologne, Germany.

While the FAA is “under a lot of pressure,” he said the Max will be returned to service “when we believe it will be safe,” following reviews of the design, flight testing and other checks. Bahrami was reluctant to provide a timeline, but asked whether the plane would resume service this year or next, he said remarks by Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg projecting a return by the end of 2019 sounded correct.

Knowing when the latest version of the 737 will fly again would help airlines contend with the disruption caused by the grounding of the narrow-body, Boeing’s mo..

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Nintendo’s Doug Bowser Talks Switch Success, Video Game Industry ‘Crunch’ and More

Amid the news-packed chaos that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo — or E3 for short — TIME caught up with Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo of America. (Yes, that’s his real name.)

Our conversation followed a busy day for Nintendo, which on Tuesday announced a sequel to the much-loved The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and revealed more details about Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and more. Unlike some of its competitors, however, Nintendo was tight-lipped when it came to hardware, using this year’s E3 to instead focus on new games for its console/mobile hybrid Switch platform.

Speaking via phone from the E3 floor, Bowser discussed Nintendo’s latest news, the company’s efforts to appeal to a wide range of gamers, and how it can help address crunch and burnout among video game developers. The following conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

TIME: Tell us more about how Nintendo’s E3 is going so far.

Bowser: One thing we really wan..

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President Trump Is Right: The Euro Is Too Cheap, According to Most Measures

U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter missive on financial markets holds water for some currency watchers.

Trump said Tuesday that the euro is “devalued” against the dollar, “putting the U.S. at a big disadvantage.” He may not be wrong: the common currency is over 22% undervalued versus the greenback according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s purchasing-power-parity model. And then there’s the “Big Mac” approach to gauging currency valuations, which shows the euro is about 15% too cheap.

This is because the Euro and other currencies are devalued against the dollar, putting the U.S. at a big disadvantage. The Fed Interest rate way too high, added to ridiculous quantitative tightening! They don’t have a clue!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 11, 2019

“The euro’s definitely undervalued on most measures,” said Kit Juckes, Societe Generale SA’s chief global FX strategist. “A persistent current-account surplus when une..

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New York, California and Other States Are Suing to Block T-Mobile’s Sprint Deal

(NEW YORK) — A group of state attorneys general led by New York and California filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday to block T-Mobile’s $26.5 billion bid for Sprint, citing consumer harm.

The state attorneys general said the promised benefits, such as better networks in rural areas and faster service overall, cannot be verified, while eliminating a major wireless company will immediately harm consumers by reducing competition and driving up prices for cellphone service.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement that combining the two companies would reduce access to affordable, reliable wireless service nationwide and would particularly affect lower-income and minority communities in New York and other urban areas.

Other attorneys general joining Tuesday’s lawsuit are from Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Virginia and Wisconsin. All 10 attorneys general are Democrats. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in New Yo..

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